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The GEO Continuum of Care is enhanced in-custody offender rehabilitation programming including cognitive behavioral treatment, integrated with post release support services.  A reduction of recidivism and support of re-integration into society through changing behavior is GEO’s main goal. GEO Care’s mission of “changing behavior, changing lives”, provides the perfect platform for the “Piranha Tank”.

One of the programs offered at GEO’s South Bay Correctional Facility is a 35 man, 4 month long, 5 day, 30 hours/week class, focused on producing a business plan. Topics covered in the class include entrepreneurship, business economics, legal environments, marketing plans, business management, HR, accounting and financial reporting, risk management and social and ethical responsibility. Presently, out of a 2,000 man population, there is a 240 man waiting list for this class.

Once completed, the men present their written business plans to the “Piranha Tank,” a panel of active business professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, professional business consultants, and a GEO representative. 

With a focus of expanding rehabilitation efforts, this unique opportunity exists for a MATCHING GRANT 

The CreVon LeBlanc Foundation, a 501(c)(3), with an existing Second Chance program as a Foundation pillar, will loan $20,000 to the winning business plan on the following basis;

1. The “Piranha Tank” panels will consist of 5 rotating business people volunteering from within the community, meeting twice annually beginning January 2019, and providing the winning presenter a $20,000 prize/loan on reasonably favorable payback terms. The money will be used to purchase or lease equipment to fund the business plan. The fund will be continued on a revolving loan basis.

2. The winning inmate is scheduled for release within a one year time frame.

3. One year prior to release, the winning inmate will be enrolled in the GEO Continuum of Care and meet all requirements thereof. 

4. After release, the winning inmate will continue to meet the GEO Continuum of Care requirements, SCORE mentors and success oriented ex-offenders on a predetermined basis for guidance and support. These one-on-one meetings are critical in holding the winner morally and fiscally responsible for the success of their new life and funded business.

In summary, a network from in-prison and released individuals will hold the winners of the competition accountable and offer opportunity to those who are willing to work. 


An anonymous donor has made an $8,000 donation in the form of a matching grant to initiate the program; $20,000 is the goal.

The CreVon LeBlanc Foundation, 501(c)(3), is requesting that all potential donors make donations in any amount and send them to;

CreVon LeBlanc Foundation

5795 Barbados Way West

West Palm Beach, FL 33407

For questions or concerns contact can also be made through email, 

Potential donors are directed to the website.

The desire of the Foundation is to begin the “Piranha Tank” program with an initial fund of $20,000. As stated above, the Foundation’s desire is to begin a revolving loan prize event with payback terms allowing future funding of winning business plans.  The “Piranha Tank” is a new program scheduled for a proactive prison management operation. Because of many limitations, an ex-offender has difficulty finding work when released. Utilizing this “Piranha Tank” concept, a new approach can be taken to ease that burden. After initial success, the “Piranha Tank” concept and business plan class can be duplicated throughout other prisons and rehabilitation centers nationwide. 

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